The investment area in Przemysłowa Street

Purpose in land management:

  • industry and storehouses
  • Total area: 50 ha
  • Profile of the area: The area is flat, non-agricultural, non-wooded, without buildings (apart from 1 plot 5.27 ha with some buildings which are the rest of the former public farms- PGR), without water pollution, no without wastes on the area, there is no risk of flood or landslip, no underground obstacles


 Structure of property:

  • Agency of Lands: 5 plots - 30.67 ha
  • The Fisc: 2 plots - 0.37 ha
  • Private property: 12 plots (8 owner) - 18.81 ha  


 Existing infrastructure:

  • Power grid-(110 kV i 15 kV, available power 1 MW/day):in the area
  • Water supply: within limits
  • gas: 400 m from the plots borders, a pipe 150 mm (available volume-maximum for a buyers needs
  • sanitary drainage: within limits (landfill site is able to receive more sewage- 1580 m3/day)
  • rain drainage: no
  • telephones- yes (the telephone line adjoins the area)
  • Access : Road with asphalt surface
  • Distance from the main Road: 600 m Provence road number 545
  • Access to railway siding (0.2 km)


 Possibility of obtaining:

  • Purchase within the framework of bidding procedure in Agency of Lands d The Fisc
  • Negotiations with private owners
  • Additional: exemption for immoveable property tax  


Transport connections:

  • Direct access to the area by the asphalt road,
  • Railway number 7 (E77) distanse 20 km, (Gdańsk - Warsaw Cracow Chyżne access by roads numers 544 or 545).
  • Time of access to the area: Warsaw (2.5 h) road number 544, Gdańsk (3 h) road number 542, Toruń (2 h) road number 544 and Olsztyn (1 h) road number 545.
  • Railway station in a distance of 0.2 km
  • Railway junction- in a distance of 0.2 km



Tere is a possibility to expand the area to 87 ha by attaching adjoined the area of 37 ha of plots by the side of Działdowo.


Local incentives:

  • Communication availibility,
  • administrative, commercial, bank
  • unusual touristic advantages ( the area of Green Lungs of Poland),
  • cheap job market,
  • comprehensive infrastructure (sewage treatment plant),
  • location near important rail and road routes,
  • having a lot of area for investments.