Działdowo is a county town situated in the southern-west part of  warminsko-mazurski province on the border between Mazowsze and Mazury, by the Wkra River. In Działdowo there are important rail and road routes  - (Działdowo is a railway junction).


Działdowo is the administative and economic centre of the county. There are the most important institutions and Office of this region. Działdowo is a town of medium industry. The dominant trades are commerce, building industry, services and later production, transport and tourist trades. The biggest firms in the town and borough: HEINZ GLASS DZIAŁDOWO (the production of glass containers), DEKORGLASS DZIAŁDOWO (decorating of glass containers), "Vi-GGa-Mi" (the production of footwear), ELTRIM (the production of electric wires), KOMBET (the producer of prefabricated elements made of concrete and reinforced concrete). It is worth pointing out that the significance of Działdowska Agency of Development is huge- it is an institution chich is responsible for service of small and medium firms and support of the economic, cultural and social  development of this region.  


Działdowo has well-developed infrastructure including: communication, energy distribution network, plumping network, gas network, water treatment station, sewage treatment plant, inter borough landfill site, compost facility.   


Apart from economic advantages  the town and its neighbourhood have numerous touristic attractions which every year attract more and more people. Every year the Teutonic Castle, one of the most beautiful Old Towns, a lot of accommodation facilities, numerous exclusive restaurants and cafes in the centre of the town, various cultural events and unique beauty of Polish nature attract many tourists from all over the world. It is remembered as a place worth staying in or where the touristic trail across Warmia and Mazury should be started.